Careful Books

Bookkeeping is bookkeeping is bookkeeping – right?

It’s just a matter of putting the right numbers in the right spot and pressing the right buttons, after all. Isn’t it?
The team at Careful Books would have to disagree. Founded on the belief that each client and each business is unique, Careful Books takes an individualised approach to bookkeeping. By getting to know each client and their business, including past, current and future challenges, current market positioning and aspirations for the future (no matter how aspirational), the team at Careful Books is able to make informed decisions about how its bookkeeping services can be specifically tailored to ensure clients receive the financial data they need to make informed decisions about the operation of their business.

Careful Books recognises that bookkeeping services must be developed and delivered according to the specific needs of each client. Taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to bookkeeping is simply not good enough, especially considering that business people are consistently making important decisions about the future direction and viability of their business, based on the figures being provided by their bookkeeper.

Following almost 20 years of providing tailored, responsive bookkeeping services as a BAS Registered Bookkeeping service with highly qualified and experienced bookkeepers, Careful Books is uniquely positioned to work with clients to ensure that the financial information they are provided about their business is structured in a clear, detailed manner and is exacting in its accuracy and legal compliance.

In addition, by partnering with clients’ accountants, Careful Books is able to structure all bookkeeping data sheets and financial reports in accordance with their requirements and preferences; saving clients money by eliminating the double-handling of information.

Servicing clients throughout Australia through the use of cutting-edge file sharing software applications, Careful Books prides itself in its personalised approach, not only for the bookkeeping services it provides; but also for the small ways it can make its clients’ lives easier, such as liaising directly with accountants and seeking clarification from the Australian Tax Office.

The Vision and Mission of Careful Books were purposefully composed to reflect the values of its founder. These statements combine her commitment to her clients and her team members, her service quality commitment and passion for the betterment of community and third world projects with 10% of all profits going to support such causes. To read more about Careful Books’ Vision and Mission, click here.

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